A gateway to the French music market, the best platform to meet key players. 48 hours of live acts, debates, conferences, workshops & networking... Next Edition: October 25 & 26 2012


Yet again MaMA takes up the challenge of bringing together international representatives from all sectors of the music business: On October 25th and 26th 2012, the MaMA Event will welcome more industry professionals than ever before for it's third edition in Paris.

Previously in France, there was no place to exchange knowledge and views, to meet and do business with music industry players, independent and major record companies, live promoters and producers, venues and festivals, agent and bookers, institutions, managers and publishers, start-up companies, regional and local authorities, media...and of course, artists. MaMA is the only event dedicated to bringing together French and international music industry professionals.

Over three years, MaMA has showed its usefulness and pertinence for France as well as other territories, for both the well established and upcoming companies of the music industry, providing a market place to make deals and to share experience with other professionals, to consider and discuss updates and change, and to discover new artists.

MaMA makes available 80 concerts, 30 conferences, debates and workshops, speed-meetings, lunches... not to mention all that you can arrange for yourself; meetings, handshakes, exchanges of contact details over coffee and drinks, promoting your artists and your services, presenting new material...

The continuing support of our partners confirms the pertinence of MaMA for the music industry. This year, established in our friendly red light district home in the 18th district of Paris, heartland of music for two centuries, MaMA will, more than ever, further invest the ambiance of one of the most dynamic music quarters in Europe.

Music, business, reflection, pleasure… just some of the reasons to confirm your place in Paris on 25th and 26th of October.

Daniel Colling